Drake says Macklemore’s Grammy text to Kendrick was “Wack as F*ck!” in Rolling Stone, Says he is disgusted over Philip Seymour Hoffman Cover

Not only did Drake have some words for Macklemore over his ‘apology’ text to Kendrick Lamar IN the latest issue of Rolling Stone, he also has words for the magazine itself.

According to a series of his tweets, Drake’s ‘disgusted’ that the magazine included some unapproved quotes to make up a more compelling story — including a quote about Kanye’s Yeezus album.

The magazine quotes Drizzy as saying, ”There were some real questionable bars on there. Like that ‘Swaghili’ line? Come on, man. Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that.” Drake denies it completely.

He’s also upset that his cover got bumped in favor of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death and says he’s done with magazine interviews.


"Covenant" by Preston Perry

This is Preston Perry’s proposal to his girlfriend and fellow spoken word artist Jackie Hill performed at P4CM’s Rhetoric 2013. I thought it was beautifully written and presented. A man to wait for. I’ve loved Jackie Hill’s poetry in the past and I was very blessed by her story as well as his story to her.


The Nutritionist by Andrea Gibson

I am still gonna be here, asking this world to dance even if it keeps stepping on my holy feet. You, you stay here with me, okay?


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trailer of Yelling to the Sky, written and directed by Victoria Mahoney

It is in theaters in NYC and everywhere else via Youtube,OnDemand,Amazon and Itunes.


Antonique Smith “Hold Up, Wait A Minute (Woo Woo)”